Christmas/New Year Wishes!

Christmas Tree

It’s been very quiet here at Trinity Comics for quite some time. The reality is, there hasn’t been much to report. I’m continuing to write new Wraith adventures behind the scenes, but that’s about it. Until those are completed and released, there really isn’t much to say. I can say that the next novel in the series, Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest, is being worked on as we speak, and I hope to have this released by the end of 2015. Fingers crossed. Another Wraith novel, Sanderson of Metro, will hopefully also be released in 2015, or more likely early 2016. This will be an event release, first in hardcover, then in paperback. You won’t want to miss either new release.

Another book I’m working on is the first in an intended new series. Starflame will highlight the origin of a brand new character (though he’s been talked about here for ages now) and launch a new series. No release date, rough or otherwise, has been planned as yet. When it’s done it will be released. And, of course, there will be further books in The Wraith and Starflame series’ from there on. I also still hope to release the final ever Wraith comic book, Books of Judgment, at some point. So, still lots to look forward to 🙂

But, it’s the Christmas/New Year season, and I’d like to take this opportunity to extend the very best season’s greetings, from everyone here at Trinity Comics, to everyone out there reading this. To all our loyal fans/readers, my great thanks to you. My the festive season be a very happy and safe one, and I’ll see you all in the New Year, with more Wraith goodies! All the best!!



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