Working on a Few New Pieces!

trinitycover3Hi all. Just a quick missive to let everyone know that I’m currently working on a few new pieces, none of which is anywhere near completion as yet, but I’m happy with the quality so far. First off is the novel Sanderson of Metro, which will fully detail the never-before-told origin of the first man to wear the mantle of The Wraith, the original Paul Sanderson himself. Who he was, how he became to be Metro City’s Dread Avenger, how he met his arch nemesis the Cobra (and we’ll find out just who he is and came to be, too), how he met his right hand man Max Horton…all the answers will be forthcoming. I know we’ve briefly touched on this story before, in comics and novels, but this is the full story fully told for the very first time. Sanderson of Metro will be published in both hardcover and paperback starting (roughly) in mid-to-late 2016.

Next to see release will be the continuing adventures of The Wraith in the regular series, #5 in the series, Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest. This paperback novel will continue the story started in the previous novel in the series, #4, Cry of the Werewolf. On their way home from their mountain vacation which was anything but, Paul Sanderson (aka The Wraith) and his love Leena Patterson are waylaid by a mysterious cry for help, and are unwittingly drawn into the forest—and the web—of the alluring Swamp Witch. A collector of human souls, the temptress has Paul marked as her next, and greatest, victim. Can Leena save the love of her life from the thrall of this wicked creature? Can they escape the clutches of a forest seemingly possessed by the spirits of Hell itself? What does Max Horton have to do with all this? And, are things truly as they seem? Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest will be released in paperback sometime during 2016/17.

I’m also working on some Wraith short stories for Lion’s Share Press and Airship27, and a few other non-Wraith things as well, one of which is the start of a new series, Starflame. This has been in the works for a long time, but I’ll get the first volume done eventually, rest assured. You all have to remember, Trinity Comics is essentially a one-man band, and there’s only so much free time I have to devote to my creative endeavours. So, getting all this stuff out to you takes time, sometimes a fair amount of time. I apologise for this, but there’s no way around it I’m afraid. Your patience of very much appreciated.

Until next time…



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