Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest!

trinitycover3In my previous update, I let you all know the various projects I’m currently working on, and I informed you that amongst those various projects, the next novel to be released by Trinity Comics would be Sanderson of Metro, a story which would finally reveal the fully detailed origin of the original Wraith/Paul Sanderson. While I am still working on this novel, I’ve decided that the next novel to be released will actually be Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest, the direct follow-up to the last novel released in the series, Cry of the Werewolf in 2012 (has it already been three years since the last novel? Time sure does fly).

The reason for this is, I’ve just had a bit of a brainwave in relation to Swamp, and it’s something that I just have to pursue before the idea and flow of it is lost. I was already quite advanced with the Swamp manuscript anyway, being five chapters into the story (further along than Sanderson, in fact), so it’s going to be a relatively easy task to just keep on with Swamp and get it finished as quickly as possible. As it’s already been three years since the previous novel, and this takes place immediately after the events of Cry of the Werewolf, I thought it best to get Swamp finished and get it out there for you, my faithful readers, to devour.

Everything going well, I would hope to have Swamp Witch of Satan’s Forest completed by the end of this year, or early next year, and then release it around the middle of 2016. Fingers crossed all does, indeed, go well. It’s been too long between books, and I wholeheartedly apologise for this delay.

Thank you and I’ll update you all again soon.


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