wraithforumpicWelcome to the Trinity Comics Message Forum, the forum to discuss The Wraith, Starflame, Trinity Comics ® and much, much more. Everyone is most welcome to join and participate, however we ask you to observe a few simple common sense rules in doing so…

You cannot participate in forum discussions without registering. Once a member, please abide by the following rules:

  • You must supply a valid email address to become and remain a member. If you change email addresses, please be sure to keep the address in your profile up to date, as an invalid address may see you removed from the forum.
  • The use of avatars and signatures are permitted on this forum, so long as they are not huge and do not impede the proper use/loading of the forum.
  • Members will not post messages that contain unlawful or threatening behaviour. Trolling, slanderous, pornographic, indecent, obscene or vulgar material, abusive language or aggressive behaviour on the forum is not permitted! Any member found doing this will be immediately banned from using the forum!
  • Any form of spamming will not be tolerated on the forum. If a member of the forum spams other members, they will be immediately banned!
  • We reserve the right at anytime to edit, delete or move any postings as we deem fit. The forum is not a democracy, you are a guest in our house and will act accordingly.
  • Messages/news/information posted by the members of the forum are personal to that member. Quoting messages outside of this forum, without said member’s written permission, is not permitted.
  • If you join, then please post at least one message within the first six months of your membership. If you don’t intend participating in the life of the board, in the sense of community there, then the forum isn’t for you.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please leave them in the relevant section below, or contact Trinity Comics via the Contact section of this website.

The forum is for everyone to enjoy. Please use it wisely!



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