wraithlicensingpicThe Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld ® and Starflame ™ are veritable oases for licensing purposes. Characters suited to audiences of all ages and all interests are sure to appeal to companies out there looking for that next big comic book/novel property. Look no further – here they are! Toys, clothing (for a small sample of the clothing samples already on offer, please click here and here), video games, movies (for a sample of what has already been created in live-action format, please click here), television…you name it, The Wraith & Starflame are a perfect fit for all/any of it. And, all the characters in this unique world are now available for licensing purposes. Just use the relevant link below to make the right contacts, and let’s set the world on fire together!

  • To talk about licensing the characters for toys, clothing, video games, film & television etc. please contact Trinity Comics ® publisher Frank Dirscherl by going to the Contact section of this website and contacting him via the email address listed there or contacting him by the supplied ‘snail mail’ address.

UPDATE 22 FEBRUARY 2008 – GBJR Toys unveiled The Wraith shockini figure at the 2008 Toy Fair in New York, pictures of which are on display below. The figure, and others in the series, are set to be released around mid-2008 and throughout the latter half of the year.

UPDATE 5 MAY 2006 – GBJR Toys has acquired the 3″ kini & 6″ life-like action figure license for a Wraith action figure line to be released in 2008 and onwards See below for a look at the 3″ kini Wraith figure.


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