Trinity Team

wraithteampicMeet the team that have worked on the various comic books and novels in the Trinity Comics stable. Brief bios follow:

biopicFrank Dirscherl AssDipArts (Lib Prac) CertIIIInfTch (Tech Sppt) ALIATec AIMM – Publisher/Co-Founder/Writer
Frank Dirscherl (b. 1973) is a professionally certified library technician and has been working in libraries since 1992. Over the years he has also covered and packed books and other material for a book wholesale company, worked as a data assistant at an ENT surgery and as a lecturer to children on the merits of the comic book. His written work includes The Wraith (filmed in 2005), Valley of Evil, Cult of the Damned, Cry of the Werewolf, the non-fiction The Wraith: Eyes of Judgment – The Official Script Book & Movie Guide (with Stephen Semones) and more. He lives on the south coast of NSW Australia with his wife, where he’s currently working on his fifth Wraith novel amongst other works of fiction.

Digital StillCameraJennifer Dirscherl – Executive Vice-President
Jennifer Dirscherl (b. 1977) is integral to the running of Trinity Comics today. Editor, policy maker, ideas person. She helps develop policies to propel the company forward and assists with the final formatting of the novels in The Wraith Adventures series. Originally from California, Jennifer now makes her home on the south coast of NSW, Australia, with her husband Frank.

jeffwJeff Welborn – Artist

Jeff Welborn was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1977. As soon as he could pick up a pencil he was drawing. Before long he graduated from doodling on walls with permanent marker to drawing in class. Test papers, homework, pop quizes, no document was safe from his artistic adornment. He constantly heard threats from his mother implying that if she were to see one more test paper with a superhero on it, she would unceremoniously end his young life. Aside from the occasional death threat, his parents were as supportive and caring as anyone could ask. They were always willing to make the journeys to various comic book conventions and see “all those weirdos”.

He took several commercial art courses in high school and won several awards for design, including one at a state wide level. While surviving the daily trials and tribulations of high school life, he met a young woman named Rebecca. She mentioned that she needed a ride to school with a smile that no one could refuse. Like a gentlemen, he obliged. Every morning consisted of picking up the beautiful young lady and falling a little more in love with her each day. After two years of dating they were married at the young age of 18. Today they are still happliy married with a son, Logan and two lazy cats.

He sites Jim Lee, Burne Hogarth, Leinil Yu and Adam Hughes as his major artistic influences. Jeff is currently art director for a promotional products firm and is continually working on his pencilling skills, always striving to grow and learn as an artist. Hopefully, one day he will finally reach the elusive goal of drawing comics for a living.

Jeff has contributed much to The Wraith, including posters, action figure designs, several pages from The Wraith #1, 10 pages from The Wraith #2 and upcoming Wraith novel covers.

Row2Roland Bird – Artist

Jeff Austin – Artist

Adam O. Pruett – Letterer

Splash! – Colourist
Gregory Price has been doing comic art since 1994, his 1st published piece was a cover painting for Roughcutt Productions in the early 90’s. And he hasn’t stopped ever since, painting covers was always his dream job, then other opportunities opened and he started doing gaming, & fantasy art, but always returning to his true passion “comic books”.

Dabbling in everything from pencils to inks to paints, he loved working in all mediums. Then in 2001 he picked up “Battle Chasers”, and thought “My God” to be able to draw like that guy! Gregory’s art style completely changed. Not only did he want to draw like that, he wanted to color like that. So in 2004 he purchased Photoshop and became obsessed, he hasn’t put it down since, in August 2005 he decided it was time to branch out and not only color his own art, but other comic artist’s as well…….Hence the birth of SPLASH!

Splash! has coloured the majority of the covers in The Wraith comic book & novel series.

Rick Hannah – Colourist

Our guest creators have included such names as Matt Haley, Bob McLeod, Dave Hoover, Jake Bilbao, Al Rio, Jim Taylor, Craig Shepard, Eric Lebow, Marco Tarditi, Loren Bobbitt, Cesar Feliciano and others.


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