wraithwhopicTrinity Comics ®, an independent publisher, was formed in 2002 by writer/editor/publisher Frank Dirscherl and artists John Jett and Craig Shepard with the aim to facilitate publication of a comic book series based on Dirscherl’s creation The Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld ® Jett and Shepard contributed a variety of artwork to the series, which came to a successful conclusion with issue #3. The publisher is now readying publication of its final comic book issue, the graphic novel extravaganza, The Wraith: Books of Judgment. Trinity Comics’ main focus is now The Wraith and Starflame novel series.

The Wraith is a mix of classic 1970s/early 1980s comic book storytelling (think the runs on Batman by the likes of Dennis O’Neil, Neal Adams, Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers, Gerry Conway, Don Newton, Irv Novick, Gene Colan et al) and such pulp magazines as The Shadow and, particularly, The Spider. The art, superbly crafted by the likes of Jim Taylor, Jeff Welborn, Roland Bird and others, is influenced by those eras of comics, and we’re proud to be presenting comics that some consider “retro”, but what we here at Trinity consider simply quality stories. The writing is, again, a mix of that era of comic book and the exciting melodrama of the pulps. The Spider fought villains that were a mix of the mundane (ie. regular, like crime lords, robbers, murderers etc.) and the fantastic (eg. creatures, invaders, conquerors, mad scientists etc.), and we’re following that path with The Wraith, albeit in a modern setting. Combined with a healthy dollop of intrigue, mystery, romance and, at times, current events, we feel The Wraith has something for everyone.

The Wraith was first created back in 1998 by writer Frank Dirscherl as his homage to those classic pulp novel characters the Shadow and the Spider. Originally intended to feature in a novel, the character bounced around in Frank’s head until 2001 when his original look was fully realised by an artist friend. Then, in 2002, the character’s second look was readied, and The Wraith series was born in April 2004 with the publication The Wraith #0 comic book. The Wraith’s final look was revealed on this website in 2004, in The Wraith: Eyes of Judgment film in 2005, on book covers and posters, and in The Wraith #1,which premiered in April 2007. The Wraith #2 followed in April 2008, and The Wraith #3 in September 2010. Several novels have also been released (the first three by Coscom Entertainment), including The Wraith (2005), Valley of Evil (2006), Cult of the Damned (2009), Cry of the Werewolf (2012) and Crossfire (2012). Further installments are planned at regular intervals in the future.

starflameindexpicStarflame is a new character created by Frank Dirscherl in 2011. A fan of Superman his whole life, and inspired to create his own version of such a classic character by the likes of Axiom-man and Shadowflame, he set about creating his own idea of what classic, iconic all-powerful hero should be. Starflame is the result. Designed in conjunction with Trinity Comics artist Jeff Welborn, Starflame will be appearing in a series of novels, to start with, and whatever medium the future may hold for him.

Trinity Comics and The Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld are copyright © and trademark ® Frank Dirscherl, 2017-. Starflame is © and ™ Frank Dirscherl, 2017-. All Rights Reserved. All characters featured on this website, the distinctive likenesses thereof and related elements and indicia are trademarks of Frank Dirscherl, 2017-.



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